“Mom,why do I have to come?”I asked, irritably.”Gian,you just have to.”Mom answered for the 20th time.”What kind of explanation is that?”I asked her for the tenth time.Mom didn’t answer,she just continued filling the backseat with unnecessary things with her shaky hands,like my favorite car when I was 5, my sisters dresses, and…”MEOW!!!” Our cat Bob,came near, wiping its soft fur on mom’s leg,expecting a treat or something better.Mom carried it to, trying to load its fat, furry body into the back compartment.”MEOW!”It cried like it was oblivion.”Mom!Your hurting Bob!”I said in alert,doing my best to free his fat body out of the small opening.Miraculously, I did.Bob jumped off my arms in terror.From his eyes,I knew that I would never see him again.Poor thing.”Oh”, mom said,smiling awkwardly,realizing what she has done.Mom blinked her eyes for 15 times,looking at the things in the back compartment, she stared at it blankly for 30 minutes.”Gian!Put this things back,they are not needed for this journey, we are just going to the mall, you child!”Mom said as she reached for the car door,ready to start the car.”Wait mom,” I blurted out, “How about Anne?There is no one to watch over her.” I said .”Oh, Anne,your little sister? You mean, THE ANNE? Your father is there to take good care of her.” She answered. “Mom, why should I come again?” I asked.Mom suddenly froze, staying in the same position.”It’s just a feeling.” Mom told me.”You mean a whisper?” I asked , just to scare her. From her face I knew that my plan worked, but mom ignored everything then opened the car door. While I was thinking of other excuses, mom said,” And Gian, stop looking for other more excuses.” She said, like she was reading my mind from the very start. She looked straight into my eyes, and I looked at hers. For a moment, her iris was just Mocha brown, but then it turned to black, the kind of black I could not explain. I blinked my eyes two times, then saw mom in the car already.Just an illusion, I thought to myself.” Mom why should I come?” I asked again.This time, she didn’t answer. I rolled my eyes then muttered, “Moms.” I opened the car door, leading to the backseat , sat on the soft seat, then put on my seatbelt . I looked out the window, expecting to see places to pass by before my eyes. Five minutes passed, then another five minutes. I looked at mom again, with a boiling head. Mom was just in her place, like she was stuck in the same position forever.”Mom?”I asked worriedly, trying to take a peek and see her face. I went nearer . Mom suddenly screamed then without looking at me,she moved her arm backwards then punched me with her knuckles, throwing me back to my seat.I opened my eyes,mom’s seat was empty.She was already beside me!I covered my face and closed my eyes,to protect my face from another punch.”Gian I’m sorry, I was just frightened.Are you hurt?” Mom asked me, worried.I removed my two hands from my face, ”Yes I’m okay,” I answered.



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